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Listening to the ocean as I write allows me to be grateful for everything I have and everything I can do.  Although I can tell my body is aging, I’m in great spirits.  The same can’t be said of many people my age.

Growing up, I wasn’t the most active kid.  I did bike ride often once I learned to do so, and I jogged once in a while with my dad whenever we found ourselves at the track.  I played basketball (in 7th grade) and volleyball (8th grade and all thru high school and college).  Until high school, I was always the slow chubby kid on field day events.

For the past 3 or so years I’ve become a more active jogger.  When I finished high school 30 years ago, if you would have told that I would complete a marathon, I would have laughed in your face.  ME, a Marathoner??  You’ve got to be kidding, right?  Fast forward to 2014, as of the end of the year I’ve completed 9 marathons (26.2 miles), 4 ultra-marathons (anything over 26.2 miles), 11 half-marathons (13.1 miles), a 10K and a 5k.  Of the four ultra-marathons, 2 had 24-hr duration with the longest distance completed of 43.64 miles.

“Stop bragging!,” you may say, but I’m not.  I’m just sharing how someone that is average at best can do anything with motivation and determination.  My husband and I changed what we eat and how we exercise.  We made an insane lifestyle change in order to have better health and longevity.  And if we can do this, anyone else can too.

We are not saying it’s easy, we are saying it’s doable!

Enjoy the journey, have fun!  It’s all play!

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Adamy is the President and owner of Artistik Dreamlife Design Studio and daWebGenius who specializes in WordPress web design and digital marketing solutions. She is also co-owner of Angel Dolfyn Massage and Zenergy Hemp Shoppe. Her hobbies include: jogging/walking marathons and ultra-marathons with her husband Don, reading, journaling, blogging, and enjoying the occasional movie. Adamy’s Philosophy: The decisions we make determine the life we live! The destination is never as important as the journey there! Life is all about the journey!

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