About Us

Our story…

In June of 2011 something happened to us.  We took a long hard look at where we were physically and knew something had to change.  It’s always hard to do any type of self-examination in these areas of our lives.  It’s easier to look the other way.  We are convinced that in order to make any type of lasting commitment, we need to look in the mirror and face the fact that maybe our way isn’t working.  This can be tough but we believe this is necessary in order for us to make any kind of positive change.

In June, we took that dreaded look.  We faced the fact that we both now weighed more than we ever had.  We felt tired and run down, not to mention the hidden issues with unmanaged cholesterol and blood pressure.

We were actually in tears… Our way was not working!  We were unsure of what to do.  We were beginning to feel helpless and old. We both knew that if we were going to do something, it would take a total commitment on our part!  We knew that we would need to make radical changes in our lifestyle.

We have flirted with eating a healthy lifestyle for years, but it usually consisted of us making the minimal changes that would fit our standard American diet without making us too uncomfortable.  I guess we thought we could fool our body into thinking that we really cared.  Of course, this never lasted for long!

When food addictions are involved, it’s hard to make any type of lasting change.  That is unless we can somehow break those addictions that control us! This, however, seemed like an impossible task!

It was at this point that we began reading all that we could about nutrition from Dr. Joel Fuhrman and many others in an attempt to educate ourselves.  It became evident that in order to change, we were going to have to make a complete reversal of our eating lifestyle.  One thing that had to go would be our eating of the Standard American Diet, which consisted of mainly animal products and processed foods.  We also understood that we would have to go through major detox in order to break our strong addictions to many foods.   In order to do this successfully, we would have to learn a whole new way of eating.

We knew to look at information from Dr. Fuhrman as well as many other “experts” in whole foods, plant based research such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  We also knew that we needed to do more than just “look” at the information.  We would also have to have a burning desire and passion to expand our knowledge and make the changes that would be necessary for our complete transformation.

So our journey began.  Not only did we begin to change the way we viewed food, we also began to walk each day.  After a few months of walking regularly, we began to add jogs. Eventually, we were running and adding walking breaks.   Currently we run 4 days a week including longer runs on the weekend.  We also do strength training and walking on non-running days.

As of December 31st 2014, Adamy has completed 9 marathons, 4 ultra-marathons (the longest distance of 43.64 miles), 11 half-marathons, a 10K and 5K.  Don has completed 17 marathons, 4 ultra-marathons (the longest distance of 54.1 miles), many half marathons,10ks and 5Ks. We continue to train to run half and full marathons and ultras.

Our journey that began in June, 2011 has been totally amazing!

By making a serious commitment to change our lives, we are giving our bodies the proper nutrients in order to obtain optimal health.  And by getting the exercise that we need, we continue to maintain our lifestyle transformation.

We feel GREAT!  We have much more ENERGY!  And especially, we are having FUN!

It’s all play!
Adamy & Don