Hello from Adamy!

It’s been more than a year since we started this site and the journey has been difficult but fun.  Since June 2011, we have been eating a plant based diet, participated in a 50 day juice fast, became marathon runners, and started the Power90 exercise program.

So far my experience has been one of much fun and learning.  There are still everyday challenges on the road.  There are mornings when we battle to get out of bed, however once we do and turn on our P90 video, we move thru the motions and wake up.

My marathon journey began in 2008 when we walked the Kiawa Island, SC Marathon.  On Valentine’s Day 2009, my husband and I celebrated the occasion walking the Myrtle Beach Marathon.  In June 2012, I officially completed my first marathon as a runner, the Hatfield and McCoy in KY/WV.  In September I ran my second marathon, Air Force in Dayton, OH.

As of today, we are preparing for the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of this month, and my challenge has been getting the first 20 miles accomplished in less than 5 hours. And in November we are schedule to run Space Coast.

And the journey is just beginning!



About insaneAdamy

Adamy is the President and owner of Artistik Dreamlife Design Studio, a web and graphic design company in Greer, SC. Her hobbies include: running marathons and ultra-marathons with her husband Don, reading and watching movies. She’s been married to Don Carpenter since 1999. Together, they own Angel Dolfyn Massage and Be@Peace ~Products with Purpose. Adamy’s Philosophy: The decisions we make determine the life we live! The destination is never as important as the journey there! Life is all about the journey!